Is it ok to tan after getting a tattoo

“Can They Tan After Getting a Tattoo?” is a common question among those who are new to tattoos.


This is VERY IMPORTANT: Always follow the aftercare recommendations provided by your tattoo artist, and never expose a tattoo that hasn’t fully healed to either natural or artificial UV radiation! Always shield your tattoo from UV rays once it has healed because they can quickly fade and harm a beautiful tattoo. You must wait at least 6 to 8 weeks after obtaining a tattoo before engaging in any tanning activity. If you have light skin, you will need to wait longer. Use a tanning lotion that is safe for tattoos as well. It will darken your skin and damage your tattoos with ultraviolet radiation.


The worry can be put to rest with spray tanning. Nothing can harm the tattoo unless it also harms the rest of your skin until it has fully healed. Spray tanning may somewhat darken lighter tattoo colours, but this effect is only temporary, and you may wipe it off the tattoo as soon as the session is over if you don’t like it. You can also apply a little layer of barrier cream to it to protect it while getting a spray tan. But in this instance, the healed tattoo rule also holds true! Before going outside or getting a spray tan, always wait until your tattoo has fully healed.


Here are some of the best ways to protect a tattoo when tanning. Let’s get a clear view of them. When sunbathing or being exposed to the sun, follow these 3 tips to keep your tattoo safe:

The deadliest enemy of your tattoo is the sun! Therefore, use the maximum SPF sunscreen on the entire tattooed area. Instead of leaving a border around the tattoo, you can apply it with a cotton swab to totally hide the outline of the ink. To block as much UV as possible, you can also cover it with a piece of fabric that is the same size and shape as your tattoo. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time outside, reapply sunscreen frequently.

When going outside, remember to cover your tattoo with sunblock as stated above and avoid burning yourself because this would harm it more than slow tanning will. While applying sunscreen lotion won’t reverse the aging process of your tattoo, it will mitigate its effects.

Every day, moisturize your skin, especially if you’ve been tanning or if your skin feels dry, itchy, or flaky. By doing this, you’ll avoid shedding skin fragments that can eventually cause your tattoo’s ink to fade.


If you use tanning lotion excessively, it can lead to cancer.

Without proper skin care, tattoos can cause hepatitis. Because needles are used, if a mistake is made and the needle is not changed, it could be dangerous.

In contrast, if needles are not changed from patient to patient, a different condition, such as an allergic reaction, may be transmitted. Tanning does not cause allergic reactions frequently enough to be a risk. Both tanning and tattooing frequently cause irritation.


The bottom line is that tattoo care is essential if you want them to last as long as possible and look as good as possible. You must safeguard your tattoo until it has fully healed if you want to do this.

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