how to choose a perfect tattoo for you

How to choose a perfect tattoo for you

Because tattoos are so permanent, choosing a perfect one for you can be difficult, and choosing the wrong one can be uncomfortable, expensive, and bothersome. Before making a final selection, you should think about a number of things, such as the tattoo’s size, color, design, meaning, style, placement, and the artist you wish to choose. You may discover a list of steps to take when choosing the perfect tattoo design for yourself.


1. Determine the primary objective for your tattoo.

Are you carrying it out on someone else behalf? Do you follow any trends? Are you simply exercising your right to get a tattoo without your parents’ permission? Do you have a discount? Before you move forward, consider your reasons.

2. Consider the tattoo’s impact on situations like the job.

It is hardly worth losing your career for a tattoo. Examine the tattoo policies of any additional groups you are a part of, such as those for sports or volunteer work.

3. Pick your design wisely.

Make sure the design is a reflection of you and has a personal meaning. It should be clear from the design what you love, respect, or are emotionally connected to. It may be done to honor someone else. Why do you find these things important to you, you could ask?

Be extra cautious when getting tattoos containing writing. Make sure you are familiar with the words’ definitions, historical contexts, and all potential meanings. Make sure the quote you choose aptly describes who you are. And don’t forget to choose the ideal font (or develop your own) because typefaces can evoke various emotions.

Look at existing tattoos and designs, but don’t limit yourself to what is already available. Check not only the tattoo studio walls but also books, posters, stationery, stickers, and anything else you may find.

4. Consider the desired placement of your tattoo.

It’s crucial to consider where you want your tattoo to go on your body. Do you want it to appear daily, or do you like it to be hidden the majority of the time? Consider your appearance—what you wear, how you wear your hair, and what you do.

To see how the design will appear on paper, try printing it. The majority of tattoo artists will also print the design out and briefly affix it to your skin to check the location and serve as a guide.

Before getting the real thing, consider getting a henna tattoo of the design you’re considering. Henna is temporary (lasting at least a week and up to a month), so you won’t be able to get the exact colors and detail you want, but you can get a sense of how it will feel in a particular location and at a certain size.

5. Make intelligent color selections for your tattoo.

Do you prefer grey or black ink for your tattoo? Do you desire a tattoo in all colors? White? Will some areas of your body lose color more quickly than others? Think about the color and how well it complements the pigment in your skin. Think about how colors will eventually fade.

6. Come up with your own style.

Be innovative. Sometimes drawing your own design only requires a little practice. You can ask your tattoo artist to make the design for you rather than having to do it yourself. Most people are creative people who can interpret any concept or idea you select. They can also redraw any drawing you make and temporarily transfer it to your skin.

Think about size. Consider where it’s going and whether you want it to be seen.

Considering the price how much will it cost?

7. Select or choose a tattoo artist.

After deciding what tattoo style you prefer, look for a tattoo artist who specializes in that design. Even though most artists can create a variety of appearances, they typically specialize in one or two areas. There are several different styles to think about, including natural, Asian, black-and-white, comical, and others.

Recommendations can be quite beneficial. Don’t just visit the nearby parlor; be sure the artist you choose has received positive reviews from previous and/or present clients. Look at the tattoos that others have from the location you are considering to see whether they have the design you want.

Consider the cost. Before you begin, get a price.

Take into account the artist’s experience. It’s not bad to ask.

8. Be at ease and take your time.

The most crucial factor is that you enjoy the final result. Spend as much time as you can!


In the end, the finest way to begin with your body art is gradually and carefully. Once you have a design in mind that you like for your tattoo, you can look for inspiration for design concepts that will later be more significant and meaningful.

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