Why Tattoo is Not Allowed in the Army?

Armies have their own rules and regulations and one such rule is not allowing tattoos that are why tattoo is not allowed in the army. Now you might think that this rule could be laid out for maintaining certain decency, but there are other reasons that we need to know about before jumping to conclusions.

Tattoos are individual arts that people love to display on their bodies. The meaning of a tattoo can go deeper than the ink of the skin. They have mostly become a fashion statement in today’s world, but most armies do not love them because they have hazardous problems attached to them

People with tattoos are at risk of developing skin diseases like skin cancer and thus to avoid this the army doesn’t allow people with tattoos. The most common health risks associated with having tattoos are- 

  • HIV Risks
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Tetanus
  • Allergies and other blood-borne diseases.

This is the main reason why tattoos are not allowed in armies. If tattoo artists can use unhygienic needles that can carry the blood of other people who are infected by any such diseases. The armies mostly don’t have the time and energy to test every other person before recruiting them as tests have become quite expensive. Thus, tattoos are completely avoided at all costs. 

Why are Tattoos Dangerous?

Whenever you go to a tattoo artist, they mostly draw out your blood to create a tattoo. They pierce your skin with a needle multiple times until the ink colours the second layer of your skin completely. After you get a tattoo the skin remains bruised and the skin cells become weak and broken. This gives certain infectious diseases like HIV AIDS, and Hepatitis A, and B, an easy way to transfer from the needle into your blood.

Tattoo Exceptions in Army 

While all tattoos are avoided in armies, there are some types of tattoos that are welcomed due to certain reasons. These tattoos include-

  • Cultural Tattohttps://aruntattoostudio.com/os People who have applied from the tribal section can be exempted from this rule. Most tribal cultures have a tradition of tattooing certain body parts. This can be vividly seen in women and men who belong to the tribal section. 

They need to provide their certificates before they get recruited to maintain equality among the people who do not belong to the tribal category.

  • No Visible Tattoos- The US Armed Forces have recently normalized their tattoo restrictions. They want their candidates to follow the no visible tattoo rule where the candidates need to have no tattoos on all their visible body parts. 

This process can be made simple by tattooing only those areas that come under your normal t-shirts. Your tattoos should also be morally ethical or the army would want you to remove them.


We mentioned some reasons above why tattoo is not allowed in the army. Getting selected for the army is a big thing and if it’s something that you wish to pursue in your future then it’s necessary to take your decisions wisely. Every country has different rules and exceptions and thus it’s necessary to always read the required documents before you get a tattoo. It’s also important to get tested to avoid any future problems.

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