Prepare Yourself Before First Tattoo

Prepare Yourself Before First Tattoo

The night before their first tattoo appointment, everyone is excited. It could be your hundredth tattoo or your first time visiting a tattoo studio for a real session. Regardless, there are a few things you should be aware of before beginning your session. We’ve prepared a detailed guide on how to prepare for a tattoo session, so you know exactly what to expect.

What we need to do before getting a Tattoo

Knowing what to do before visiting your tattoo shop can make the experience much more pleasant for both you and your artist. Your artist will be impressed, and they will be able to concentrate on creating the best piece for you. Let’s get started!

Before the ink reaches your skin, you’re likely to have a lot of questions, but you may reduce your fear and confusion by following these steps:


Although it may appear to be a time-consuming job, you must conduct thorough research before permanently marking your body. Find the right tattoo artist and style for you.

To begin, make sure you’re completely satisfied with the design of your tattoo. Consider all of the details you’d like to include. Always, always have the end result in mind before the tattoo artist starts working.


And if it isn’t, it should be.

It’s critical for tattoo newcomers to pick a design that has a personal meaning for them. It’s not just about how a tattoo appears; it’s about if it fits your personality and if you can feel it in your heart. You’ve chosen the appropriate design if you can look at your tattoo several years down the road and still adore it.

Finally, “I just felt like it” or “It’s always something I wanted to try,” should not be your reasons for getting a tattoo. You must be completely dedicated to the design and having a tattoo, not just interested in it and trying it out on a whim.


It’s never a terrible idea to seek advice from someone who has a decent number of tattoos. They’ve been around the block a few times and can most likely point you in the correct direction when it comes to finding the top tattoo shops in town. Customer reviews can be found on the shop’s website and social media accounts. Or, even better, speak with others who have had tattoos done there. Of course, you should consult with your friends as well. A true friend isn’t afraid to tell you the truth, such as when they don’t think a tattoo design suits your personality or attitude.


It’s only natural that you’ll seek advice from a tattoo artist before getting inked. It’s possibly the most crucial step in the process because an artist not only assists you in selecting the perfect design but also in determining where you want your tattoo to be placed. They’ll be able to tell if a design is effective on a specific section of your body.

The top tattoo artists and businesses may have a several-month waiting list, which isn’t always a negative thing because it gives you more time to consider your design and reasons for getting a tattoo.


So you thought selecting a tattoo design was easy? Well, think again, even though selecting a tattoo design isn’t difficult. But, especially if you’re new to tattoos, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Here are a few more things to think about while selecting the best design for you:

  • Tattoos that are small and detailed do not age well. As you get older, your tattoos will fade naturally. The fine lines thicken. Colors that are darker fade into colors that are less prominent. The sharp edges become softer. These alterations are significantly more noticeable on smaller tattoos with a lot of detail, as well as photorealistic tattoos.
  • Consider your tattoo to be extra-large while choosing a design. Make your tattoo out of a smaller part of a larger design.
  • Choose a design that includes your favourite colours, images, and a style that you enjoy.
  • The simpler your tattoo design, especially if it’s your first tattoo design, the better. This is especially true for smaller tattoos, but it’s a good rule for all tattoos. Don’t overcomplicate the design; instead, stick to one main subject, one secondary subject, and one background element.
  • Think about it, and then think about it some more. Allow yourself a few months to consider your tattoo design. If you haven’t already decided against it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.
  • On the other hand, spontaneity can be beneficial (especially if you’re in a rational frame of mind) when deciding to get a tattoo.

Even if it’s a spontaneous decision, you should never make a quick decision on something as permanent as a tattoo. Many people, though, who made a spur-of-the-moment choice to get a tattoo later regret it.

Choose a design that you won’t grow out of, such as political comments or pop culture references that will appear antiquated in a few years. Some items seem antiquated in a year in today’s fast-paced world with its continuously changing tastes.

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