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What is your zodiac tattoo?

Have you been debating which tattoo design to choose for your next ink adventure? And why not go for your zodiac tattoo this time.

Every person is unique and has some special personality traits that are related to their zodiac sign in some way. We’ve compiled a list of personality traits based on your zodiac sign, as well as how getting a tattoo would lift their spirits and propel them to new heights.

Let’s see what you have planned for your zodiac tattoo!


The number one in the zodiac is extrovert and bold.

Aries is a fearless sign who will face any situation head-on.

The brave ram or sheep is said to overcome any difficulty that comes their way.

Getting a tattoo that corresponds to your zodiac sign gives you more courage to live your life fully.


Taureans are an earth sign represented by the animal bull.

Their grounded yet aggressive style creates a unique combination that many people find surprising.

Getting inked with a sign that corresponds to your zodiac sign gives you a sense of fulfilment and wholeness.


Gemini is an air sign that is represented by the celestial twins.

Geminis are the pack’s quick thinkers and are frequently rewarded for their wit.

In order to become more involved with the power of your zodiac traits, inking yourself with a Gemini symbol can be extremely beneficial.


Cancer, the cardinal water sign, is represented by the crab.

Cancerians are capable of handling their emotional and material needs beautifully, just as the crab does in both water and land.

Inking the crab sign can help you get places because it denotes more power to you.


The lion depicts Leo as the grand lion, proud, compassionate, and full of warmth.

Leos are beautiful people who exude a spirit of vibrant energy.

Having a lion symbol tattooed on you will enhance your qualities by reminding you of the mighty spirit that your zodiac sign carries.


Virgos are logical and practical beings who live up to their powerful earth sign.

Virgos are meticulous, detailed, and keen observers.

A tattoo of this earth sign can provide you with a strong sense of grounding and strength.


The weighing scale represents the air sign Libra. This demonstrates Libra’s strong trait of balance and equality.

They are deeply concerned with what is right and wrong, and they frequently march for righteousness.

A Libra tattoo will instil a sense of balance that you may be lacking for unknown reasons.


Scorpios are hotly debated because they are frequently misunderstood by the general public.

Scorpio, a fire sign, is represented by the scorpion, which is frail and small but has a vicious sting if you mess with it.

A Scorpio tattoo will give you a magnificent appearance as well as the wisdom to better control your emotions.

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The knowledge-hungry Sagittarians are constantly on the lookout for new information.

The sign is represented by an archer centaur (half-man, half-horse).

I inked with a symbol that defines their persona, this powerful fire sign will gain a sense of calm and accomplishment.


Capricorn is the final earth sign in the zodiac and is represented by a sea-goat.

They are skilled in both the material and emotional realms.

When you link with a symbol that corresponds to your zodiac, your Capricorn instinct to work hard and party harder is heightened.


Aquarians are the zodiac’s final air sign, represented by the water-bearer.

They are mystical healers who wish to spread life and joy throughout the world.

Getting an Aquarian tattoo will boost your visionary endeavours and get you moving faster.


The last of the zodiac signs, this powerful water sign is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions.

These highly emotional beings are said to be profound in their understanding of the pains and joys of others.

Inking the dreamy Pisces will provide you with stability and will lead you to a better place.

So you’ve looked into a variety of reasons to get a  zodiacal tattoo!

If you want to add a unique look to your new year, consider getting a specially designed zodiacal tattoo.

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